About the DSGS

The Divots and Stymies Golfing Society is the recently formed golfing society for golfers who represented either the Divots or the Stymies while they were students, and who are NOT members of the Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society.

We all remember our Divots and Stymies days as some of the best golfing days of our lives, and the fact that many of the current membership were friends prior to the DSGS forming is testament to how strong the bond of Divots and Stymies golf can be.  The social side has always been as important as the sporting side, and that ethos is certainly at the core of the DSGS.

The DSGS will be organising a number of golfing events throughout the year, and we are particularly interested in members who would be prepared to organise individual events themselves.  Please see Fixtures for details of the forthcoming events.

Potential members are invited to contact Gordon Thorburn and the Committee will consider their application.

We’d also suggest you add this site to your favourites, so you can find it easily and stay up to date with what is going on.

Thanks, and we hope to see more of you very soon.

One response to “About the DSGS

  1. I’m pleased to announce we have updates to the site, including the fixture list for 2011. As ever, please use the Contact section for details on how to get more information

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